Here are ten definitions essential to the functioning of the emerging knowledge-based society. Each of these definitions gives them possession of a new landmark or a new tool :

1- Information

The material used by the citizen to participate in the elaboration of his society.

2- Digital

A tool used to convert the data into information, then into opinions, which eventually become energy (chapter 2).

3- Mobile phone

A digital technology that allows users to be contacted wherever they are.

4- Culture based on images-on-screens

An access to « reality » mainly through images displayed by three types of screens: television, computer and mobile device.

5- Geolocation

A digital technology that allows users to be reacherd wherever they are via a « smart » device.

6- Social networks

A social communication tool that allows friends to mediate and exchange their contents in a space where they live their daily lives.

7- The proximity model

A model favoring close suppliers and based on a collaborative and local economy.

8- Opinion

Opinions in public spaces are an antechamber of action. Opinion creates consensus that is collective problem solving.

9- The three current political powers

Legislative, judicial and executive.

10- The societal plan

The tool that citizens use to develop their well-being. Happiness may be experienced individually, but it must be managed collectively. It is a form of social contract.

The gears

  • Media structures : the quality of information processing through mobile, geolocation and social networks provide the information necessary for citizens to make collective decisions.
  • Economic structures : the use of a model of proximity improves the quality of life of citizens in these spaces where they live their daily lives.
  • Political structures : the emergence of opinions and changes in behavior is reflected in collective actions capable of developing a collective plan of society around a common dream :

New landmarks

  • Because it is becoming a knowledge-based society, its cogs react to new forces that drive others, such as a game of dominoes (see below).
  • These forces give life to society. It must be open, constantly in motion and in search of equilibrium :