• Books (paper and Kindle)

John Markoff,
Machines of Loving Grace :
The Quest for Common ground Between Humans and Robots,
Ecco, 2016.

Pedro Domingos,
The Master Algorithm :
How the Quest for the Ultimate Machine Will Remake our World,
Basic Books, 2016.

George Zakadis,
In Our Own Image :
Will Artificial Intelligence Save or Destroy Us ?
Ebury Digital, 2015. (Kindle)

Joi Ito, Zaid Hassan,
The Social Labs Revolution :
A New Approach to Solving our Most Complex Challenges,
Édition Kindle, 2014.

Eric C. Sheninger,
Digital Leadership : Changing Paradigms for Changing Times,
Kindle Edition, 2014.

Michael S. Malone,
The Intel Trinity (Noyce, Moore, Grove),
Harper Collins Publishers, 2014, (aussi sur Kindle).

Viktor Mayer-Schonberger, Kenneth Cukier,
Big Data : A Revolution That will Transform how We Live,
John Muray, 2013.

Richard L. Brandt,
One Click :
Jeff Bezos and the Rise of amazon.com
Edition Kindle, 2013.

M.I. Franklin
Digital Dilemma :
Power, Resistance and the Internet,
Oxford University Press, 2013. (Kindle)

Eric Schmidt, Jared Cohen,
The New Digital Age : Reshaping of People, Nations and Business,
Knopf, 2013, (aussi sur Kindle).

Robert David Steele, Howard Bloom,
The Open-Source Everything Manifesto,
Evolver Edition, 2012.

Karen Lac,
Jeff Bezos,
Édition Kindle, 2012.

Steven Levy,
Hackers : Heroes of the Computer Revolution,
O’Reilly Media, 2010. (aussi sur Kindle).

National Research Council,
Digital Dilemma :
Intellectual Property in the Information Age,
Nate Academy Pr. 2000.

Nicholas Negroponte,
Being Digital,
Vintage Books, 1996.

Douglas Rushkoff,
The Rise of the Amateur :

Claude Shannon,
The Mathetical Theory of Communication,
Univerity of Ilinois Press, 1963.

George Orwell
Martin Secker & Warbug, 1949 ; Penguin : réédité en 1954, 1989, 2008.

• Video clips :

Roger Rea (IBM),
Conférence d’introduction sur le Big Data, sur You Tube, mai 2013 (25 minutes),
Infosphere Streams Overviews :

Michel Serres,
Université du SI, sur YouTube, (53 minutes),
Humain et révolution numérique :

Kevin Slavin,
Conférence TED, sur YouTube, juillet 2011 (15 minutes),
How algorithms shape our world :

• Links :

SCIP (Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionnals)

Consumer Electronics Society (IEEE)
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