• Books (paper and Kindle) :

Klaus Schwab,
The Fourth Industrial Revolution,
World Economic Forum (Davos), 2016. (Kindle)

Rework America,
America’s Moment :
Creating Opportunity in the Connected Age,
W.W. Norton, 2015.

James Barrat,
Our Final Invention :
Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era,
St. Martin’s Griffin, 2015 (Kindle)

Luciano Floridi,
The Fourth Revolution :
How the Infosphere is Reshaping Human Reality,
OUP Oxford, 2014. (Kindle)

Patrick Tucker,
The Naked Future :
What Happens in a World that Anticipates You Every Moves ?
Current, 2014. (Kindle)

The Economist,
Fourth Revolution,
The Economist, 2014.

Hay Group,
Proposal (Mega Trends),
Building the new leader :

David Rushkoff,
Present Shock,
Current Hardcore, 2013.

Jaron Lanier,
Who Owns the Future ?
Simon & Schuster, 2013.

Eric Bryjolfsson, Andrew McAfee,
Race against the Machines :
How the Digital Revolution is Accelerating Innovation, Driving Productivity, and Irreversibly Transforming Employment and the Economy,
Digital Frontier Press, 2012,

Daniel Franklin, John Andrews,
Megachange : The world in 2050,
Wiley, 2012.

Adam Smith,
An Inquiry into the Nations and Causes of the Wealth of Nations,
(Original en 1776), sur Kindle en 2012.

Edgar Morin,
La voie pour l’avenir de l’humanité,
Fayard Editions, 2012.

Jeremy Rifkin,
La troisième révolution industrielle,
LLL, 2011.

Clay Shirky,
Here Comes Everybody,
The Penguin Press, 2008.

Jeremy Rivkin,
The Third Industrial Revolution,
Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

Jeremy Rivkin,
The Empathic Civilization,
The Race to Global Conciousness in a World in crisis,
Penguin, 2009.

Towards a Knowledge Society,
UNESCO, 2005 (en ligne ) :

John Perry Barlow,
Une déclaration importante, 1996,
A Declaration of Independance of Cyberspace :

Daniel Franklin et John Andrews,
Megachange : The world in 2050,
Wiley, 2012.

Jean-Claude Guillebaud,
Le commencement d’un monde,
Seuil, 2008.

Robert Osborne,
Civilization :
A New History of the Western World,
Pimlico, 2007.

Marc Halévy,
L’Âge de la Connaissance ;
Principes et Réflexions sur la révolution noétique au 21ème siècle,
MM2 Éditions, 2005.

Samuel Huntingdon,
The Clash of Civilisation and the Remaining of World Order,
First Touchstone Edition, 1997.

William Strauss, Neil Howe,
The Fourth Turning
(Broadway Books, 1997) :

Francis Fukuyama,
The End of History and the Last Man,
Avon Books, 1992.

Paul Kenedy,
The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers,
First Vintage Books, 1989.

Alvin Toffler,
Futur Shock, Bantam, 1984,
The Third Wave, Batam, 1984,
Powershift, Batam, 1991.

• Web Sites

Institute for the Future,
A series of scenarios about the future on the horizon 2010-2020,

National Intelligence Council
A foresight-focused agency of the US government
Voir le secteur Global Trend 2030. blog

• Video Conferences :

Chris Martenson,
Conference Peak Prosperity, June 21 2014 (56 minutes),
Why the Next 20 Years Will be Completely Unlike the Last 20
The Accelerated Crash Course :
http://www. ftwominds.com/blogjune14/next-20-6-14.html

• Interesting Links :

Trend Watching :

The Economist :

McKinsey’s Global Report :

Pew Internet & Americain Life Project :

Gartner :

Futuribles :

Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération (FING)

Electronic Frontier Foundation :

• Similar Sites

The Venus Project,
Jacques Fresco,
(Des stratégies technologiques pour nos futures besoins),

The Zeitgeist Manifesto,
Peter Joseph,
(A vision of the range of solutions, linked to Projet Venus),

Science and Technology outlook : 2005-2055,
Marina Gorbin. Alex Pang (Institute for the Future),
(The nine themes that we should explore to better define strategies between 2005and 2055),

A New Manifesto :
Innovation, Sustainability, Development,
STEPS Centre Working Papers, 2009,
(The principle challenges emerging in today’s society and the elated ideas),

Trend Forecasting and Globalnomic Methodology,
Gerald Celente, Trend Research Institute,
(Several predictions about the « rupture »),